Can Text Your Ex Back Really Get Your Lover Back?

 Text your ‘ex’ back? Sounds crazy, maybe?

You’re gonna get your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back by sending text messages? Can this really be true?

You’re in for a shock here. Yes, you can get your ex back by sending the right texts at the right time!

Hard to believe? But worth a try!

So what I’m going to do is tell you exactly what’s in this program so you can make up your own mind whether to join it.

How honest are those reviews you find on the internet?
How honest are those reviews you find on the internet?

You see, there too many review sites on the Internet which claim to be “honest” and “genuine” but are in fact nothing more than a way of selling the product. 

That’s not happening here.

Instead, I’ll give you a description of Text Your Ex Back which tells you what’s in the program so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy it.

OK? Sounds fair? Right then, off we go.

Texting Your Ex Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Back Is The Real Deal!

So when you buy Text Your Ex Back, the first decision you have to make is whether you’re going to buy the basic package or the basic plus the “platinum” add-on extras.

Let’s start with the basic package, then I’ll tell you what’s in the platinum package, and you can decide if you want to get the extras.

The basic package costs around $59, which looks like pretty good value to me! After all, what’s it worth to get your relationship, your lover, and your happiness back? 

But in fact, since we’re speaking of value, I recommend you take a slightly bolder step and go for the platinum version: I’ll explain why in another post lower down the page.

Texting – Reviewing Your Future!

So when you join, the first thing you see when you sign in is an invitation to the forum where you can meet with other participants in the system.

You’ll be able to join in the discussions with like-minded men and women, all working hard on getting their exes back!

And they’re ready to help YOU get your ex back. There’s amazing support to be had here – support which means you’re not on your own any more.

Next, play the MP3 recording of a call between Michael Fiore and a woman who bought Text Your Ex Back. 

She’s now back with her boyfriend. They split up because he cheated on her, but now they’re back together and enjoying a much better relationship, too!

What she says is an impressive testimony to the effectiveness of this amazing idea – with one really important proviso.

You absolutely have to follow the instructions.

This woman talks about how strong the temptation can be to ignore a vital piece of information in the program: make no contact with your ex-partner for 30 days.

Lots of people buy the program, get the instructions, immediately start texting their ex – and it doesn’t work.

The point about this 30 day delay is that you have to be in the right place mentally and emotionally yourself.

Once you put yourself “together” you can start working with the program.

Can texting really repair relationships?
Can texting really repair your relationship? Yes!

How Texting SMS Messages WILL Get Your Ex Back

You may say: So what’s the big idea? Texting Your Ex Back?! How does that work exactly? Read on and find out….

But before we go any further, I should just mention that all of this stuff is great for people who’ve been dumped, as well as those who’ve done the dumping! Yes, it works wither way round!

You get 11 modules in the basic program. Here’s a list of them:

1 Introduction – some extremely effective techniques to deal with the pain you’re feeling after a breakup.
2 The Dumper and the Dumped – clear and concise reasons why breakups happen, and how to deal with the conversation you’re having with yourself, in your head, about your ex.
3 The Big Goal – quickly discover what you want to happen now after the break up, and review how you go about getting it.
4 Flight Check – making sure you’re ready to launch into the process of getting your ex back.
5 Text Judo – the proven cornerstone of how to text your ex-lover back to you – reviews the power of texts to get your ex back! Explains how you can use your ex’s emotions to convince them they should be back with you !
6 Across the Bow – the start of your new relationship is based on establishing good rapport – no matter what has happened between you up to now. You’ll see how this works, hear how it works, and believe it when you start using the “Across the Bow” texts (this is simply an amusing name for one particular type of text).
7 Prepping the Soil – you can use specific techniques to show your ex how awesome you are, how mature and un-needy you are, and how great it would be for them to be back with you. In short, you’re going to make them want to be back.
8 Green Eyed Monster – the power of Green Eyed Moster Texts – wow…. jealousy as a positive force? Yes, you bet.
9 Planting the Seeds – Intimacy Booster Texts – how to build rapport and make them feel close to you – before you’ve even seen them again! This is where it turns serious….
10 Reaping the Harvest – Emotional Honesty and Attraction Texts are your powerful strategy to make your ex feel closer (in a good way)
11 Texting Steady – Getting Together For A New Start – this explains how you can start dating your ex afresh (it’s a new relationship you’re now in, after all)

To give you the facts, and show you the real value of this system, I’m going to review the modules one by one! (See the menu to find out more.)

When you buy into Text Your Ex Back, the idea is you work on these modules at a rate of one per day.

That’s easy enough. Each of the 11 modules has a clear and concise video introduction, telling you what to do and when. This means you never feel overloaded.

And each step leads naturally on from one to another.

It’s a great way of avoiding overload, and really getting to the heart of your ex at the perfect rate – one designed to ensure you are successful.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it? To get a new relationship with your ‘Ex’? 

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