Reviews Of TYEB On The Net

When you go on the Internet to buy anything, you can find yourself in shark infested waters, that’s for sure.

So just imagine what it’s like when you’re fishing for something around relationship repair! (That most delicate area of human existence.)

Which leads to a very important question – how are you going to find out if Text Your Ex Back is any good or not?

You could look online for reviews, but the problem here is that you very quickly find most so-called “reviews” are in fact just cheap sales pitches by people who are trying to seduce you into buying the product on the back of some fatuous review full of lies.

But if you dig deep, you will find one or two forums where people genuinely discuss these products – and from them, you can pick up a few valuable tips.

Sure, many of these forums are divided into the “OMG! This is the best thing that’s ever happened! We are back together and enjoying better sex than ever! I am so happy!” brigade and the “This is a complete crock of sh*t, don’t buy it” brigade….

Typical, huh. Who to believe?

Want a relationship back? You gotta take some action.... buying TYEB is a good place to start, it seems.

Want a relationship back? You gotta take some action…. and buying TYEB is a good place to start, it seems, judging by internet reviews.

Faced with comments like this, how are you ever going to decide if it’s any good or not?

Texting To The Truth

The first thing that you can do is look at the contents and decide for yourself if it’s likely to help you or not.

That’s what I’ve done on this website – I’ve provided you with information about what’s in the Text Your Ex Back (TYEB for short) program, so you can make some decisions about whether or not it’s actually gonna work for you.

But I also want to bring in some of the reviews on the Internet which look like they’re genuine. That way you get another perspective – the perspective of people who really bought and actually used the program, rather than the perspective of somebody like me who is just commenting on it from the outside in.

To start with, the enotalone forum has a question from somebody who’s been ditched asking if “anyone has actually read or tried any of these getting your ex back books to any avail.”

As this woman rightly observes, there are plenty of relationship repair books of one kind or another floating around the Internet  – and she also says, quite correctly, whenever you try to look for a “legit review”,  you almost always get to a sales pitch or advertisement saying how amazing a book is. And as we all know, that’s not much use if you want a real review of Text Your Ex Back (TYEB for short).

This woman wants to know if there really are any good books that give you good information and good advice about how to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back.

And of course she’s asking in the right place because enotalone is a forum for relationship advice! Where better to go for information about TYEB than this?

So let’s dive right into the shark infested waters and see what we can find….

One member of the forum says that these books are all based on the same sort of ideas – working on yourself while giving your ex time and space to think, learning how to live on your own, and even if you don’t get back together, giving you ways to live more happily.

She says that the enotalone forum is a great place to get ideas and how to start your life again because she is “not for all the huffing and puffing of how to magically turn your situation around and have an ex chasing you…” The most important point she makes is that not all situations, people and concepts are the same, which means there isn’t a “one size fits all formula” that you can use after a breakup. And then she hits the nail on the head: it’s how you act that determines your future.

That’s a really important point, because I think TYEB is all about how you should act.

It’s suggesting you don’t come from a desperate place of neediness and “wanting your ex back” because you believe that’s the only way you can be happy. It’s really showing you how to come from a well-balanced, mature, adult place, and advising you only try to get your ex back if you really believe – after due consideration – that you made a mistake splitting up AND getting back together is truly the right thing to do.

If that’s the case, then it also follows that you’re going to need some techniques to overcome any prejudice, anger, doubt, fear or sadness that you and your ex might be feeling.

After all, you broke up – neither of you is going to be feeling the same way as you did just before the breakup!

And if you don’t have guidance, my question is this: How you can possibly manage to find the right way of behaving so as to get them back?

Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance, and I think that’s what Text Your Ex Back is all about.

In forum there is a similar question: “Hi everyone, I came across this program by Michael Fiore called TYEB and I’m wondering if anyone has tried it? What are your opinions about it? I am dubious!”

Well, that’s good – in fact, dubious is great, because in that frame of mind she is less likely to fall for something that doesn’t work. The discussion here centers on whether or not TYEB is about trickery and manipulation or whether it’s based on genuine psychological principles that really can help you re-establish a relationship.

One woman says “I did try it, and although didn’t work me, it is a good program… you are trying to MAKE something happen…” She says that taking action is a good thing, which in my view it is, because seizing the moment and DOING something is basically taking your power back.

In contrast, a woman who responds to her says that “Texting and trying to make things happen with my love interest has already gone down like a lead balloon – I’m not sure I want to go down that road again!”

So there you go, it doesn’t work for everybody in all situations. But if we can find some positive reviews which say that it really does work, we have more evidence that it’s a useful program.

That’s what we really need to find.

Well, the very next review suggests one part of TYEB is really useful for building up your self-esteem – it’s a part of the program called the “I Like Myself Game“. The woman writing this review says that when you do this, “You will start to really love yourself.” Now that’s praise indeed.

The next woman says, “I tried it and it worked to a degree.” She says that the reason it didn’t work is because she didn’t follow the instructions closely enough – around avoiding contact with an ex for the first 30 days after breaking up. She then goes on to say that she “truly feels that if she had done that it would have worked.”

And then we get another good positive review: a woman called Emily says that she is sharing information about the program because she thinks it’s good – “not a system for a rebound kind of thing, though” – but “certainly good if you’re serious about getting back together with your ex.”

She goes on to explain how Texting Back can help .

In her own words, this woman says her life went upside down and left her devastated when her boyfriend of five years left without any explanation. A friend introduced her to TYEB, which she found very difficult because of the 30 day “no contact” rule – she was in that place where she just wanted to talk to her ex or call him – but she persevered, and noticed that at the end of 30 days she had “regained some self-confidence.”

Then she looked at the program in more detail and discovered it was trying to teach people about how to reconnect delicately with no pity or begging, from a strong and confident place. And she makes the point that this is a process which really has to take place over time. As she says, “it’s not an overnight project.”

Bottom line: it worked for her and she is now happily engaged to the same guy, life is back in shape, and things are going well.

And better still, this looks like a real review.

Text Your Ex Back Process
Texting your ex could be the way to restore your relationship!

Now, it’s fair to say that there is another review immediately after this one in which the woman speaks about TYEB being manipulative.

But of course what constitutes manipulation is in the eye of the beholder.

For me the overriding factor is that when you approach an ex you come from your adult mature self, not from the needy wounded part of yourself.

Let’s face it, TYEB offers guidance and support – and that’s got to be a good thing.

There’s review on which is actually most useful: it describes (as I do on this website) the contents of the program, rather than offering a spurious review.

And it describes the principles behind Mr Fiore’s program Text Your Ex Back very simply and straightforwardly. You see, when you read an independent account of what’s in the program, one that’s not designed to make you buy, you realize what good sense there is here.

For example: “When you see your ex keen to start communicating with you as you have in times past, you can invite them for a casual date. But you really need to make sure that you don’t rush things – and you certainly don’t want to talk about your breakup. When you’re comfortable talking to each other as friends, you can broach the topic of why you are not together any more. And here you can apologize for the mistakes you made… A true heartfelt apology will work magnificently well… And when you can let go of the past you know you’re ready to start planning for your future.”

Good solid sensible advice, which actually is backed up by specific techniques you can use to get your ex back.

Overall,  I think what I learned from looking at the reviews of TYEB on the Internet is this: some people dismiss it out of hand because they’re just natural doubters.

Some people give it a chance because there’s a moneyback guarantee (!)

And some people go online to write about how successful it’s been. But it occurs to me that most people for whom TYEB has been successful won’t go online to write about it because they’ll be too busy enjoying the renewed relationship they have with their ex!

All I can say is, give it a try. You’ve nothing to lose because there’s a money-back guarantee. Start by having a look through this website – the one you’re on now – so you can see what content you’ll be getting if you buy it. CLICK HERE TO DO THIS.

That should give you a good idea whether it’s going to be something that you personally want to try.