Platinum Edition – The Bonuses

Text Your Ex Back Platinum Edition

Bonus #3: “Instant Forgiveness”

This is an MP3 of an interview with Dr. Fred Luskin of Stanford University.

Dr. Luskin is one of the world’s foremost experts on the concept of forgiveness and how to both forgive other people for slights, and how to ask for forgiveness.

If you’re still at the stage of not being able to forgive your partner (or forgive yourself) for the break up, then you have some work to do.

As Fred points out, sometimes we all makes mistakes and forgiveness is an essential part of being able to move on and rebuild things.

What really matters is that things are better in the future – and that may be all about wanting to forgive someone (or not forgive them).

Only when you do forgive them, can you let go of much of the pain of betrayal.

And even then there may be a residue of pain that stays with you. That’s true even if you want your ex to come back for ever….

So as this important bonus from TEXT YOUR EX BACK shows, this means it’s important to find out all about the concept of forgiving others and forgiving yourself.

Believe me, texting your ex back is only a part of the solution – other things, like forgiveness, can really change your life. (True forgiveness allows you to stop wishing the past had been different.)

This interview gives you practical steps you can use to feel much better, much cleaner, much more balanced. This is essential information for anyone who wants to Text Their Ex Back!

Here is Jack Kornfield on the art of forgiveness…

Get Your Ex Back – Platinum Edition Bonus #4

Facebook Romance Secrets

Here’s how Mike introduces this bonus:

This is how to use Facebook and social media to strengthen your relationship after you’ve reunited with your ex – or even if you’ve decided to start dating someone else instead…

Whether you’ve been with someone for years, or you’ve been dating for just a little while, this bonus shows you how to use Facebook and other social media sources as a way to make yourself more connected with the man or the woman in your life.

Facebook Romance Secrets is designed to be used with your partner once the two of you are back together, but these methods should not be used while you are still “broken up”.

Talk about taking technology into your relationship! I ask you! But anything that helps you make your relationship stronger can only be a good thing.

And believe me, we’re not talking about the massive impact some people feel when they break up and their ex ”unfriends” them on facebook!

This is much more about how you keep a relationship going by showing your love for each other.

This Text Your Ex Back bonus includes techniques you can use within a relationship to feel strong and independent and to stay connected to your partner.

You can use social media to communicate back and forth…. and the thing that really makes your relationship stronger is that you are “together” as a unit.

This is very specific Facebook stuff, plus a whole load of techniques to help you love yourself and love your partner.

Would you like to know how to love your partner in a relationship where there is no judgement, no criticism and total acceptance. Yes? Find out how you can do that here, in Text Your Ex Back.