Modules 4 to 6 – Getting Back Together

Module 4:  “Flight Check”!

What the heck…. !

What the heck is Flight Check?
What the heck is Flight Check? Let’s find out…

Well, it’s a kind of emotional and mental check list you need to go through to make sure you’re ready to start the process of texting your ex back to you.

It’s all about cleaning up your own thoughts, feelings and emotional state.

That means, among other things, you have to accept that your old relationship’s dead. And that’s a good thing, because it can’t have been working so well if you broke up!

One of the keys to this is forgiveness.

Whether you are the dumper or the dumped, to have a new relationship with your ex, a relationship that works the way you really want it to work, you have to fully forgive both your ex-partner and yourself (because that’s the only way that your anger and sadness will get out of the way).

Forgiveness is important.

Do you know how to do that right now? Probably not. But you will after you’ve done the flight check.

And how’s your self-esteem? High or, most likely, low? Don’t despair – “Flight Check” gives you all the keys you need to building up your self-esteem after this break-up: again, that’s true for both dumper and dumped.

Sidebar: What a great program this is! Each time I review Text Your Ex Back, I find more information all about how to understand relationships!

And are you still feeling needy? That ain’t going to attract anyone. So Michael Fiore provides a load of techniques that will let you rebuild your confidence and self-respect, let you get over the hurt, and make you feel good about yourself again – without depending on your ex.

And then you can start thinking about contacting him or her.

As you can see, ”Flight Check” is all about getting you in the right emotional state before you start the process of getting back together.

Once you’ve read all the tricks, techniques and tips that Michael Fiore describes in Text Your Ex Back, acted on them, and so transformed your mental and emotional outlook, you’ll be ready, willing, and able to build a new, harmonious, satisfying, loving relationship – in fact, it will be the relationship you really wanted all the time!

Video – surviving the break up

Module 5: Text Judo

Text Judo!! Now what!?
Text Judo!!
Now what!?

Text Judo…..  you might be wondering “what on earth…?” So think of how Judo teaches you to use your opponent’s strength against him or her so you get the upper hand.

(Not that your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend is your opponent, but still…)

This is all about using emotional intensity – positive AND negative – to regain the interest, and affection, love and attention of your ex.

This is about creating positive emotion, not negative! It’s what you use to create your new relationship – whether you were the dumper or the dumped.

What you aim to do is build up their interest and their fascination to a level where they just can’t resist you.

As Mike Fiore, author of Text Your Ex Back, says, if you bawl when you read this module, you might NOT be ready to move on!

On the other hand, if you start thinking fondly of times past…. well, there’s no need to work on the “I Like Myself” game any more!

Instead, start texting your ex behind! You seem to be objective, collected, calm, and IN CONTROL. You may have strong feelings, sure. But you are in control. You are good to go!

Even if the idea of contacting your ex sounds difficult, you’ll find lots of points of connection by looking at what brought you together as a couple. Still sounding difficult?

Fear not: In TEXT YOUR EX BACK, Michael Fiore sets out all the questions you might ask and all the answers you need. You’ll find how to write great texts to send to your ex lover or partner – texts that will get him or her feeling warm  and loving towards you.

By the time you finish these simple steps of Text Your Ex Back, you’ll be armed with a complete list of your common interests and the best experiences you ever had together (or maybe just the most powerful ones). You’ll also know how your ex is currently feeling about your relationship!

You’ll take this information into the next module. There, you discover how, why, and when to text your ex so they see you in a completely different light.

Read on below for more information on what happens next.

Module 6 – “Across The Bow” Texts


This is the first type of text. Like all the others in modules 7, 8, 9 and 10, it has a specific purpose.

Using the most sophisticated concepts of emotional psychology you’ll find out exactly how to text, what to text, and went to text. And you’ll get some amazing results!

Text Your Ex Back Module 6

Actual texts you can send to your ex to start the process of getting him or her back. Wow! Scary!
Actual texts you can send to your ex to start the process of getting him or her back. Wow! Scary!

This gives you actual texts to send to your ex so you can get their attention.

These texts are designed mostly to give them a message – which amounts to “Hey! I’m here and I want your attention” with the subtext ”By the way, I’m not needy, I’m just looking for something and you might have it….”

These are definitely not text terrorist texts (i.e. hundreds of stalky texts), along the lines of “OMG I want you back so bad!” No way, José!

These are going to show your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend you’ve changed, and you know it. You’ll also discover exactly how to respond to your ex when they reply. 

And what to do if they don’t. You see, Text Your Ex Back really does have it all!

As Mike Fiore, author of the program, says: 

“That first ‘Across The Bow’ text is going to make your plans pay off, make your mission a reality, and get your ex back into your life.

“This is where a lot of the prep work we’ve done so far comes into play, especially the emotional state and “how your ex feels about you” preparation we did.

“What are Across The Bow texts for? This is your first contact with your ex in a while, and it’s going to set the tone for the  conversation to come.

“(That’s not to say that you can’t recover if you miff the first few texts, but it’s way better to get them right.)

“The first few texts are different than the rest… they have a specific purpose, and you need to keep it clear in your mind.

“So listen up: the goal of the first text is simply to G.E.A.R. up for the conversation to come. 


Get all that? Makes sense, right? Sure does. And by the time you’ve read my review of Text Your Ex Back, you should be ready to go for it!

After reading this module, you’ll be well on the way to getting your ex back (with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee included when you buy the program, so there’s no risk to you).

And, just in case you’re already getting too excited, the program makes sure you know what Across The Bow texts are not to be used for, and how to avoid getting yourself into uncomfortably deep water.

Remember, this is just about establishing a good rapport…. so knowing what you want, what response you want, and whether you’re opening the door to a specific conversation is critical.

After all, this is the first step to your new, fulfilling, life-affirming relationship with your ex back in your life. Seriously: no joke. It really is.

Here’s what Mike has to say: “The key to a good Across The Bow text is that it gives the impression that you just happened to be inspired to contact your ex.

This is a bit of subterfuge, of course – you’ve actually been preparing for this for weeks. Why is this important?

Because you can’t start this communication with anything that says, “Let’s get back together.” That’s too threatening and huge coming out of the blue.

This first text says nothing of the sort – it’s just establishing the connection; it’s more like hooking up your satellite dish than actually watching TV.”

Enough said for now, I guess. Except, this is really smart stuff, you know? And I have a degree in psychology so I know smart stuff when I see it – even though they never taught me this at college.

And by the way, did you know the importance of having the last word? Or, rather, the last text.

(I’ll give you a clue – it’s not about getting one over. Find out why it’s so very important in this module when you buy the program.)

Sidebar: the power of humor in restoring relationships.

Find out how to get your ex back quickly – and never break up again!