Module 11 – Texting Steady

So let’s review Text Your Ex Back Module 11. It’s all about “Going Steady” – and building a new relationship with your ex.

Here, you find out how you can get to be in the same room as your ex partner again – but on good terms!

Text Your Way Into A “New” Relationship

You can think of this as the first date in your new relationship…. and you also find out all about what you should text about after your “first date”.

So, to recap, in Module 1 1 of Text Your Ex Back, Mike Fiore discusses how to turn this “first” encounter with your ex into a warm and fuzzy feeling that your ex will love.

It’s about going from virtual contact (by texting your ex) to physical.

And after that, he explains how to keep the texting and messaging connection going, even when you’re hanging out with your ex-boyf or ex-girlfriend.

Because, even if you’re in a relationship – be it physical or emotional – with your ex, why should the teasing fun of the little texts EVER stop!?

And so Mike Fiore shows you how to keep texting open as a pure (or a “dirty” – it depends on you!) channel – how to be romantic, how to stay close, and how to keep texting as a vital part of the relationship.

He shows you how to keep on doing the work to build a great (new) relationship with your ex. This information’s amazing! And it is very effective. 

I know because I checked it out on my current partner – and sure, I know that’s not the exact idea here, but hey, what the heck! You see, you can use the information in Text Your Ex Back to flirt with your partner once you’re in your renewed relationship.


The impact it had on her was amazing! I mean, she wanted me……if you know what I mean!

Texting and Mike Fiore

And inspired by this, she then gave it to a friend of hers to try ”for real”. This sad couple had split up after a massive row during a holiday a few months before – and, long story short, within 5 weeks they’d moved back in together and (so they say) life has never been so good.

Text Your Ex Back has helped 1000′s of people around the world get back together.

And the truth is that sometimes this program will make you realize you didn’t really want your ex back – you just wanted them to want you….. that’s very common.

But whatever happens, something changes. You grow, you develop, you know what you want, what you don’t want – and you’re ready to try again with your ex OR with someone else…..

So there are many possible outcomes to using Text Your Ex Back.

The best is that you’re dating your ex again – and that’s great – but you still need the tools to build your new relationship up from scratch.

Most of the people who Texted Their Ex Back ended up happily partnered with their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend – but even if you don’t, you’ll be in a stronger, better place, ready for the next relationship that really works for you!

As Mike says:

Here we are at the end of the Text Your Ex Back program.

As you probably figured out by now, this program is about a lot more than texting.

It’s about getting closer to the person you love, accepting them for who they are, inviting them to accept you for who you are, and laying the groundwork and foundation for a stronger and better relationship.

Depending on how you worked the program and what your relationship with your ex was like before you started, you have one of three possible outcomes:

1)  You’re dating your ex again. Congratulations! Have fun and KEEP DATING. You have plenty of time. Don’t rush things. Keep it interesting, and don’t fall into a rut.

You probably learned from your first breakup that sustainable relationships take a lot more work than you thought! But what’s better than staying with the person you love?

2) You’re “friendly” with your ex, but not dating. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. If you still have your ex in your life and you both see each other as positive parts of your lives, that’s a good thing.

And as long as the lines of communication are open, that gives you the chance to have more in the future.

3) You didn’t get what you wanted. Honestly? It’s rare, but it happens. I’ve seen all of the techniques and ideas in this guide work again and again, but every relationship is different.

It’s possible that you and your ex simply weren’t meant for each other or that too much damage was done in your relationship for repair to be possible. If that’s the case, take a deep breath and realize that the pain you’re feeling will pass.

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