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Text Your Ex Back Module 3: What Do You Really Want?

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Module 3: The Big Goal

So you’ve worked out in the previous section why your relationship really came to an end. Now it’s time to work out what you want.

Well, you might say, “I want my ex back.” And sure you do. The question is – why do you want your ex back? I’ll give you some examples of the kind of reasons people say when asked this question:

  • I want my children to grow up in a whole family
  • My partner and I work well together despite the difficult times
  • We understand each other better than anyone else could ever do

Sure, there are many more. What’s your reason?

Just why do you want your ex back?
Just why do you want your ex back?

Honesty is the important thing here, even if being honest means admitting you just want to Text Your Ex Back because you hate the feeling of rejection OR because you think YOU should have been the one to dump THEM!

That’s OK –  just be honest.

And the next question is: what do you want to happen when you get back with your partner?

This is the “big goal”.

  • Maybe you just want to feel the way you did with him or her 20 years ago.
  • Maybe in a perfect world your big goal would be to date a few times a week.
  • Or maybe it would be to see your partner as often as you want, but still have plenty of time apart.

You need to consider how your relationship will be different, the things you’ll do together, and what the ultimate outcome of getting back with your ex will be.

You have to do this because you can’t aim for something if you don’t know what you’re aiming for….

What do you want to happen when you get your ex back?
What do you want to happen when you get your ex back?

In Text Your Ex Back, Mike Fiore takes you through a whole series of steps which will let you identify a series of baby steps that are realistic and possible, steps that’ll take you towards your big goal, in the right way.

And that depends on where you are with your ex right now – you know the kind of thing…..

Are you speaking?  Are you seeing each other socially?  Hanging out all the time but not being sexual?

So this module’s all about finding a way to take it step-by-step from where you are now to where you want to be.

This is the start of the process of Texting Your Ex Back!

Read on for the next section of this Text Your Ex Back summary immediately below.

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